AI-bashing and why it's hurting freelance developers

AI-bashing and why it's hurting freelance developers

Short editorial about artificial intelligence and freelance developers today. These are my views and you are by no means obliged to abide by them.

I have been seeing a lot of AI-bashing among developers as of lately. The morale is sinking lower and lower by the day and the craze of the AI scare is getting out of control. The media depiction of AI is akin to how it's been portrayed in movies such as Terminator (remember Skynet?) It is now used as a political tool and something to scare people who are outside of our field.

Developers have to be careful not to get negatively impacted by the craze as it is a golden opportunity for us to shine and bank on the trend while it's still very popular and mostly unregulated. It might sound like I'm trying to convince you to sell out but I'd rather describe it as wise opportunism.

I'm writing from experience. It's the perfect time to help other founders starting their own businesses, showcase your skills and knowledge around, get interesting experience for your own portfolio in a field that want it or not will keep on rising and getting more popular. A trend that might take over our entire field at some point.

On freelancing platforms like Upwork, I've been receiving more and more offers that involve artificial intelligence. I showcased my app Aiva (which you can try here by the way) and clearly it worked because I keep getting consultation inquiries and more questions from AI-curious entrepreneurs.

So my fellow freelancers, seize the opportunity to make money and experience and use it for your own personal gain. Personally, every penny I make while freelancing goes to my own projects and into building my own life and family.

I know how you feel. It sucks sometimes to work against your own principles and beliefs but it's better to be opportunistic than becoming a Ted Kaczynski-wannabe and deny learning and selling skills that are clearly trending and could help you build your own life. Then with that money you can actually make a difference and teach your own ways to people around you. But going against the trend will only pull you further behind. Stay on ahead of the curve and make your voice louder instead. Become a source of authority in the field and help things move in the direction you believe in.

And let's be frank, being a developer, an engineer and especially a freelancer has always been all about building, teaching and the constant learning and mastering of bleeding edge technologies. Consider this and don't leave yourself behind.

In my 15 years+ of experience, I've encountered that scenario so many times already and each time I've seen friends and colleagues get left behind because they wanted to stick to their ways. Don't be technologically recalcitrant and embrace what's ahead.

Unhappy about how things are going? Jump in the discussion on Twitter now. I'm willing to discuss the topic with anybody. Who knows? Maybe you'll change my mind!

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