Comfortable Sucks.

Today I realized something I already knew. You know like when you think something is part of your "principles" but you're doing the opposite anyway just because you never did it in the past so you gotta try to really know right?

We all have goals, we work for them. We work hard to finally get to a point where we can sit on our asses and let the time flows. Everything is fine under the sun, you're comfortable.

Being comfortable means not in pain; free from stress or fear; free from financial worry; having an adequate standard of living.

The thing is, whenever you get comfortable: you let your guards down. You stop looking at what could go wrong. At least, that's what I did when things were going way too fast and good.

Point is, never be comfortable. That's when you take bad decisions like throwing all your eggs in one basket instead of diversifying. I think it applies to pretty much all domains, if you have a startup funded by only one major source; if you invest all your money in the same startup; if you get all your freelance money from the same client.

I did that exact error for about 2 years, everything was great. I was making enough money to have a comfortable life, I was happy, things were going great until we reached the end of our funds. Then things started going to shit but faith (this damn bitch) tried to convince me that things would be fine; things would get back into place because another of our projects would go well. It did, but it wasn't enough to make a difference really.

A sour taste is left in my mouth as I'm starting from square one all over again.