First week

Here's a bit of context:

It's been almost two years I had this ambition. The ambition to be finally become my own boss, live from what I believe. I didn't know what to build, but I always knew that I wanted to build something great that would help people.

Last month I lost my job for the sole reason that the company I was working for lost one of its major client and several people were laid off.

That is where all of this really began.

First week

In the first week (first 10 days to be exact) I was able to find my first client and start working.


I don't want to make any publicity, but I've been lurking on job boards for freelancers and after sending six offers for various jobs and I received my first response in the following hours.

Sounds simple enough?

Yes, that was that simple and now I'm making good bucks, working on a team with other cool people and having honestly a lot of fun. How much fun? Way more than when I was working for anybody else!

I still can't believe it, a month before I was struggling to get my job done because it was a real pain in the ass. And now I'm enjoying my coffee, shirtless, with punk rock music playing very loud in my office.

I couldn't be any happier than this.

Coming up next, I'd like to introduce you to my node.js-based framework ThinAir, write about what tools I use for getting my shit done and also write a bit more motivational stuff.

Thanks for reading!