How I successfully transferred my Google account

How I successfully transferred my Google account

A little backstory

For the last few years, I've been having an horrible Gmail-related bug. My old email address used to be but for as long as I can remember, it seems people registered similar emails like

Terri Bergeron, Taylor Bergeron, Tiffany Bergeron, are all names of people I've been receiving emails for. Important emails, credit reports, anti-virus reports and way more than I won't enumerate in this article for security purposes.

I tried emailing them, sending them private messages over Facebook, tweeting to them: nothing worked. Worst thing was that they probably saw my own emails for so many years as well! So I decided I should move out from this address, almost ten years later. That's where I stumbled upon the big problem.

Google Takeout, etc.

Some recommends transferring all emails via IMAP, some recommends Google Takeout and manually uploading all over again, those are all useless ways of wasting a lot of time in my opinion. I needed something more, something complete. I remembered reading a document linking to a Google Migration system but that link isn't available anymore.

Based on their current documents:

A data moving tool is available for certain services if you’d like to transfer your data to your Google Apps account. However, the tool only is available for transferring data out of conflicting accounts.

Conflicting accounts, but I have not one! That's where I found that link again in a note I saved on iCloud months ago.

The Ultimate Solution

Basically, instead of doing hours of endless transferring, all you have to do is open a new tab in your favorite browser and type:****&dstAccount=****

Follow the simple instructions, it should look like that:


Keep in mind that it's a huge and buggy process. My YouTube account got transferred only if I had no Google+ linked to it anymore, I have lost my subscriptions: I had to resubscribe manually. But otherwise, my Google Drive documents, Google Voice, YouTube, Google+, Analytics, etc have been successfully transferred.

As of today, I'm running 100% on my new Google account and I'm very happy to finally stop seeing other's personal emails.

I hope this helps somebody else as it did miracles for me. Enjoy!