Just reached 100$ MRR with my app

Just reached 100$ MRR with my app

I've been toying around with AI for a while and published an app that aimed to be what ChatGPT is but with iOS native, with more character, that included a built-in prompt list, etc since I thought it was lacking from the real ChatGPT website.

And it just reached 100$ monthly recurring revenue πŸš€ Last month it was at 25$ MRR so it is a 400% increase 🀩

Super stoked and proud! I've constantly updated it and I believe my app has the smoothest user experience of them all. Just like ChatGPT (but without the downtimes and the high cost 😏) it can display code, tables, lists, etc. We also provide 30 free messages per month so people can try what AI is capable of without having to pay a cent.

I also developed a Twitter bot that replies to tweets of people she follows and replies when you @ her. She gathered over 350 followers and more then 25k profile visits so far which is impressive. It's also an interesting way to do "automated content marketing"

I do have a question for the community though. I'm trying to get into content marketing, posting in groups to get more people to try the app, and finding a good target audience, etc. but it has been such a rocky road.

An ai chatbot is such a general audience kind of thing that it gave me multiple headaches because of how broad the potential audience can be. I still can't find a niche to attack with it. Current users demographics are all over the place so. Subscribers are literally ranging from 21 years old to 65 🀯 where should I start? Anything good to read about content marketing on social networks?

That's it for today folks! Thanks for reading and NEVER give up. Anything is possible when you're bootstrapping your own projects. Let's go! πŸš€

I'm open for questions if any aspiring developer or AI enthusiasts have any 🫑

If you want to follow my journey, I build in public on Twitter at BuildWithTom and you can check out my app here.